Sunday, May 5, 2013

Scrapbook Generation iNSD Challenge #5

Challenge 5 at Scrapbook Generation for iNSD was to use a sketch they provided to make a layout.

Please excuse the no-photos in this layout - we no longer have a photo processing place here that I am happy with anymore so I have to order my prints online, and I don't tend to keep a pile of to-scrapbook prints. I have photos picked for this layout, they are of my 3 year old and her Dad on our water slide earlier in the year. And to be honest, even if they had been printed I wouldn't be able to show them as I promised my partner that I wouldn't put them on the internet! I will be putting 3 6x4 vertical prints in the large white space, and the 6x4 block on the left with me for the journaling.

Also, I apologise for the bad photo of the layout, our weather has turned pretty bad today and the light isn't very good for this. The colours in the close-up image are more true-to-life than the full pages.

Scrapbook Generation iNSD Challenges 2&4

Two posts in the same week? No you're not seeing things :) I've just been trying to do as many iNSD challenges as I can!

This one was for Scrapbook Generations list of challenges. Challenge 2 was to use Project Life type materials on a traditional page. I have used PL cards from the Baby for Her kit for the journaling cards, and I also cut the frame the title is on and the other two yellow half ones from the cards from the same collection.

Challenge 4 was all about journaling. I asked my 3 and a half year old daughter some questions and recorded her answers to those. 

One thing I'm proud of with this layout - I didn't use a stitch of patterned paper!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mercy Tiara's Scrapbooking Challenge

Just wanted to share my layout for Mercy Tiara's Challenge over on YouTube. If you haven't checked out her scrapbooking process vids, you really should! I'm rather addicted to them!

There were 3 topics to choose from, and I chose how I started scrapbooking. The journaling is in pencil at the moment as I couldn't find a pen with a small enough tip for the teeny lines I was writing on. I'll get that written in pen asap.

I've also used a sketch from a Scrapbook Generation sketch book and replaced the photo spot with my journaling.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Elle's Studio Sketch

Just a quick post with a 12x12 page I created to put up in my 3 year olds bedroom. I used a Sketch from Elle's Studio for it.

Hannah and I painted the ombre background together. I got the idea from a Two Peas in a Bucket video where they painted a whole bunch of thickers using Mister Hueys mists.

Thanks :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Elle's Studio Sketch Thursday

Hi all! Just a layout share for today. As soon as I saw this weeks sketch at the Elle's Studio blog I knew I had to use it and while Hannah was napping I did just that.

This photo of Hannah is from when she was 6 months old, it's hard to believe that its nearly been two whole years since this was taken!

When it came to the banner on the photo I knew I didn't want to use patterned paper and cover up too much of the photo. While scouring my cupboard for supplies I found a 12x12 purple polka dot transparency from Fancy Pants. I cut it to size for both the large banner piece on the photo and also along the banner pieces at the bottom I have layered it over some of the other pieces.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Life 2011 in Numbers & 2012 Goals

My first year of Project Life is completed and under my belt so to speak. I am very very proud of myself for completing a whole year of this project! (and its not at all often that I am proud of myself...)

At the start of 2011 I wrote some goals for my PL album - I can't find this list and I can only remember one of these goals, which I think was the most important one: 

At least one photo of myself per month.

Surprisingly enough, I completed this, well nearly. I thought I had taken one photo a month but after checking and rechecking I have no photos of myself for July. Whoops. But its ok, in the end there are 45 photos of myself in my 2011 album! An average of 3.5 per month! I say I completely kicked this goals behind! Considering I hardly ever get in front of the camera 45 is amazing!

Today I decided I needed to write some goals for my 2012 PL album. I already know that I am going to be  approaching this as a monthly project instead of a weekly one but I wanted something more. So I went through my 2011 album to see what was missing, what I took photos of the most etc. Here's the run down:

Hannah: 535 photos
Shaun: 64 photos
Hannah's DOLLY: 51 photos
Myself: 45 photos.

SERIOUSLY!?! There are more photos of my two year olds dolly than of myself? That seems rather ridiculous, but still funny.

I decided if I blog my PL2012 goals I wont be able to lose them and I'm more accountable so here goes.

Project 2012 Goals
  • At least two double page spreads per month.
  • At least one photo of myself per month.
  • Three photos of Shaun and I (minus Hannah) for the year.
  • Get Shaun to do at least one journaling card per month.
  • More photos without people; ie our house and surroundings etc.

I really think these are achievable for 2012. And honestly, if I only achieve 2 of the 5 I will still be happy :)

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog Your Heart Challenge

Happy New Year everyone! Here in New Zealand its the First of the First 2012. I cant believe how quickly 2011 flew by - it seems when I was a child a single year felt so so long and now they go in the blink of an eye....

One thing that I would like to achieve this year is to keep my blog pretty active - So Im going to start with the Blog Your Heart Challenge from Stephanie Howell. I love Stephanies blog, how much she shares and how open and honest she is. Heres goes!

1. I'm a teeny bit scared of moving. We are moving back to my home town, a place I lived from birth to 18 and that I know so very well, but Im still scared and I cant pinpoint why. I'm worried Shaun wont like it or will resent leaving whats left of his family. Its silly because I know he wants to go and that it was him that put it all into place but I still worry.

2. I love Hannah more and more every day. When Hannah was born I remember thinking I wouldnt cope with her growing up and changing. That I would miss all the cute little things she did etc and if I didnt record them in some way, either on video or by writing it down I was failing. Im coping, and Im actually enjoying watching her grow and change! Shes starting to say more sentances and can pretty much copy any words we say (luckily she chooses not to copy bad words that occassionally slip out.....). I love that she knows what she wants and can make decisions now, even if you need a PHD to understand her sometimes ;) I love that I can *just* tie up her hair in little piggy tails and that this morning (after pulling them out constantly for two days) she asked for me to tie up her hair. I love being mother to a little girl :)

3. Im so proud of myself. For completing a whole year of Project Life! At the start of this year I didnt know if I would keep up. (I was so unsure that I wouldnt complete it that I didnt fill in the little cards at the start with the dates etc) As I realised it was such a great way to document all the little things that wouldnt normally get a scrapbook page I became more excited to fill in all those pockets. I just have the journaling cards from the last two weeks to fill in and two pictures from last night to print but Im calling this a complete success!

4. I cant wait to spend more time with my family. I only have a tiny immediate family, Shaun, Hannah, My Mum and Stepdad and my Nana but its not very often that we are all in the same place.  When I travel up to visit my Mum and Nana, Shaun usually has to stay home because he has work. Now that we are all going to be living in the same small town I cant wait!! Only 13 more sleeps as my Mum just text me; I think shes pretty excited too!

5. I really miss my Grandad. Ok, this one is hard to write about. Hes been gone 19 months now. After all the presents were opened on Christmas day I got into a pretty stinky mood and I thought it was because Shaun and I had felt a little out of place at my Mum and Stepdads (my Stepdads family that Ive barely met were there and both Shaun and I are pretty shy people). Later in the afternoon I realised why I felt so stinky, its because it wasnt really Christmas without Grandad there - not the Christmas that Ive had my whole life anyway. Now, if you dont really know me I never had a dad growing up, my Grandad was my Dad to me. I also feel really guilty for not visiting him at the Cemetary as much as I should - I dont have an excuse other than its really emotionally draining and sometimes I just cant do it.

6. I want to get out and do more with Hannah. Take her to the library, start swimming lessons again (hopefully its not too long of a waitlist!), find a music and movement group for her, go to the park more, go for walks, things like that. I would love any suggestions of other things we can do! I think it would do us both the world of good to get out of the house more often. Another reason I cant wait to get settled in our new house!

Well I think that is all for now, it feels good to get some of this off my chest. I have a very upset two year old at the moment because I just told her her favourite dolly needs a bath! She also needs to be restuffed and restitched yet again. Fingers crossed she doesnt fall apart completly during her bath!

Thanks for reading :)