Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Tradition Completed

In 2009 when Hannah was barely a month old we took a photo at a park here in town to give as Christmas presents. Then in 2010 when I asked my Mum what she would like for Christmas she suggested we take the photo again - and we did  - so naturally we took it again this year.

It is the third and final time this family photo will be taken in this spot, as we are moving to Taranaki very soon. Its a little bit bittersweet, but we will just have to find another location to continue our yearly photo :)

I think its awesome to be able to compare how much all three of us have changed. Hannah has gotten way bigger (I only just noticed now how much shes changed in the last year!), Shaun has gotten more grumpy looking in each photo (Although I do blame this year on being told to get ready the moment he got home from work) and we both look so super tired in the first one!

I already have an idea for somewhere to do next years, but I dont think the background looks as nice so Ill have to do some scouting around :)

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous idea! The photos look great and I think you should ALWAYS go back to the same spot!