Monday, January 2, 2012

Project Life 2011 in Numbers & 2012 Goals

My first year of Project Life is completed and under my belt so to speak. I am very very proud of myself for completing a whole year of this project! (and its not at all often that I am proud of myself...)

At the start of 2011 I wrote some goals for my PL album - I can't find this list and I can only remember one of these goals, which I think was the most important one: 

At least one photo of myself per month.

Surprisingly enough, I completed this, well nearly. I thought I had taken one photo a month but after checking and rechecking I have no photos of myself for July. Whoops. But its ok, in the end there are 45 photos of myself in my 2011 album! An average of 3.5 per month! I say I completely kicked this goals behind! Considering I hardly ever get in front of the camera 45 is amazing!

Today I decided I needed to write some goals for my 2012 PL album. I already know that I am going to be  approaching this as a monthly project instead of a weekly one but I wanted something more. So I went through my 2011 album to see what was missing, what I took photos of the most etc. Here's the run down:

Hannah: 535 photos
Shaun: 64 photos
Hannah's DOLLY: 51 photos
Myself: 45 photos.

SERIOUSLY!?! There are more photos of my two year olds dolly than of myself? That seems rather ridiculous, but still funny.

I decided if I blog my PL2012 goals I wont be able to lose them and I'm more accountable so here goes.

Project 2012 Goals
  • At least two double page spreads per month.
  • At least one photo of myself per month.
  • Three photos of Shaun and I (minus Hannah) for the year.
  • Get Shaun to do at least one journaling card per month.
  • More photos without people; ie our house and surroundings etc.

I really think these are achievable for 2012. And honestly, if I only achieve 2 of the 5 I will still be happy :)